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Iwonicz-Zdroj Iwonicz Zdrój rose from a settlement founded probably in the 14th century. The first mention of the medicinal properties of mineral water comes from 1578 from Wojciech Wink, a court physician of the king Stefan Batory.
They began to be used only in the first half of the 19th century. The last World War brought severe damage to Iwocz Zdrój. After the liberation, the resort underwent reconstruction and further development. Every year the spa provides treatment for several thousand patients.

The biggest tourism highlight is the centre of the old health resort that represents a heritage architectural ensemble of high historical value, unique in Poland, and outranks many similar spa ensembles abroad. Apart from its historic assets the old town in Iwonicz has a peculiar atmosphere taking the patient or a tourist to the last century.

Despite significant development, the resort hasn't lost its unique atmosphere, and has not turned into a urban resort. The old quarter of the resort, the Art Nouveau buildings and the old spa park still retain their charm. Iwonicz Zdrój can now offer its patients the advantages which have been lost by other health resorts as a result of excessive urbanization.
It is impossible to describe in a few pages all that it offered by this Carpathian region, its landscape, literature, art and heritage of three religious cultures. Both close and further surroundings of the resort represent interesting hiking and sightseeing areas.
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